Business Services

Running any business, small or large, can be complicated and overwhelming at times. We are here to help keep things running smoothly and help you stay organized and efficient. Along with filing your taxes, we can assist in other areas to keep your business up to date.
Our business services
  • Tax preparation & filing
  • All monthly reporting to Revenue Canada (CRA)
  • GST review, preparation, & filing
  • Financial statement review & analysis

Tax Preparation

If you are running a small, home-based business, we can help organize your documents and get your business taxes filed on time. Feel free to drop off your invoices and receipts, and we will pull the necessary information to create the required schedules and input them into your return. We can then integrate the business taxes with your personal taxes in order to get you the best possible return.
Man on a computer doing bookkeeping with his wife


Most small business owners can get by using their “shoebox” system, and we can sift through and organize the relevant information for easy tracking and filing. From there, we can create business schedules and other reports required for submission to the CRA. Once you find your “shoebox” system is no longer working, we can help set up a computerized booking system to help you stay on top of all your required reports.

CRA Reporting & Filing

Running a business requires continual reporting to the CRA, which can be complicated and time-consuming. We can assist with all the necessary filings, such as GST, to keep your business running as smoothly as possible and to avoid any complications or penalties from the CRA.
For more information on our business services, contact our office.
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